Wrong Usage

A woman just left here upset because we wouldn’t take back a used can of compressed air. She complained that it burned her nose and throat when she tried to clean her teeth with it. She then wanted to know if we could come out to her house and install a camera in her 15 year old stereo that doesn’t work anymore. After rambling on about how she’d pay us to rake her yard she asked again if we’d take back the canned air that she used half of in an attempt to clean her teeth.

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  1. 10:21 am, December 15, 2011js  / Reply

    Every day I read your posts in my rss reader, and every day I think “He must be making these people up.” This is the first day I’ve felt compelled to come over here and comment directly to say: Please. Please, please, please tell me you’re making these people up. I don’t want to live on this earth anymore otherwise. ;)

  2. 1:11 pm, December 15, 2011krade  / Reply

    she did her best in the effort to get rid of the dust

  3. 9:36 pm, February 29, 2012James  / Reply

    Any new updates?!

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