Sorry, I’m none of those people.

After spending most of an hour just looking at the different cables we have hanging on a very small rack. The guy turns to me and says, “Timothy, is your name Alex?”

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  1. 2:20 am, December 14, 2011me  / Reply

    this way he can check for both names in a single question

  2. 7:57 am, December 14, 2011Tobias  / Reply

    I thought i just needed to make a comment as i’ve read through all the material you’ve posted on this blog. Wow .. The society you live in sounds like it’s another world than here in Sweden. Between many laughs and literarily choking for air I get a little bit anxious thinking about how it must be to put out with this kind of things on a daily basis. I really love the posts you make though, and that solution for the ps3 harddrive you got a picture on just made my day.. Thank you for writing a seriously fun (albeit very.. strange and serious) blog like this

    // The guy from Sweden

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